To make it work follow these steps.

  1. Get the newest file changes by git pull
  2. In the config folder you will find a unique.example.php file. Rename it to unique.php.
  3. Run php artisan migrate to get the newest Unique Table + Procedure.
    1. Table SRO_WEB_LARAVEL.uniquekilllogs should be created.
    2. Procedure SRO_WEB_LARAVEL._ExecUniquekilllogs should be created.
  4. Run composer dump-autoload

You are probably wondering how I enter the Unique Kills now. For this you have to execute this Exec command. It does not matter if you send the MobName or real name.

Here are two examples:

EXEC _ExecUniquekilllogs @CharName16 = 'Devsome', @UniqueName = 'MOB_KK_ISYUTARU';
EXEC _ExecUniquekilllogs @CharName16 = 'Devsome', @UniqueName = 'Captain Ivy';

As long as the MobName or real name is stored in the Config file, they will be found.

Just to remind you, you need any second tool to execute the procedure.