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There you can find all your created Characters.


In the settings you can change your passwords, e-mail and other changes. If you miss something, let us know.


Under this point you can do something good and support us! As a thank you you will get Silk in the game. Currently are Paypal supported. There is a package created by me, but this needed to be tested.


To see who you have already invited and how much you have earned, click here. Under this point is also the BBCode for the signature you can use in any kind of forum.


You have a problem or a request? Here you can create a ticket and we will take care of it.


Some of you call it E-Pin System, but this is the voucher system. You have a credit note and want to redeem it for Silk? Then you can redeem this one

Web Inventory

Under the Web Inventory you can transfer your items from the ingame inventory to the "web inventory". You need this to create an auction.