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Windows Guide

Silkroad-Laravel Manual Install


  • Laragon Full (Git, MySQL, Apache, Ngnix, PHP, Composer, NodeJS, SSL emulator, virtual hosts, etc)
  • PHP v7.4+ The minimum required for project
  • Thead Safe (TS) if you plan to use Apache
  • Non Thread Safe (NTS) if you plan to use Ngnix
  • SQL Drivers for PHP (5.8)
  • SQL Server Database from Silkroad already installed


Enviroment Setup

  1. Install Laragon Full and make sure to add the option about "Add console to Windows context"

  2. Extract the PHP compressed file to the Laragon php folder, will be probably this:

  1. Install the SQL Drivers for PHP on ext folder inside the last php folder extracted like:
  1. Execute Laragon, go to MENU and change the PHP version to use v7.4+

  2. From same MENU, activate the SQL Drivers for PHP extensions referencing your server system choosen and OS system (TS or NTS, x64 or x86):

  3. php_pdo_sqlsrv_74_ts_x64.dll
  4. php_sqlsrv_74_ts_x64.dll

  5. Check Laragon Preferences and activate virtual hosts

  6. press DATABASE from Laragon and create an empty web database (MySQL utf8mb4_unicode_ci) named as DB_SILKROAD to match our .env.example file

  7. Press TERMINAL button from Laragon and make sure the php version is v7.4+

php -version

If is not correct, then try to add the PATH to your System Enviroment Variables from the php v7.4+ folder.

  1. From same TERMINAL, Create a folder silkroad-laravel for your project
mkdir silkroad-laravel
  1. Change directory from console to start all the project commands and stuffs from there
cd silkroad-laravel

Project Setup

  1. Clonate/download the project to the current directory console
git clone
  1. Make a copy of .env.example file and name it as .env, fill it with both database credentials, also make sure APP_URL points to your virtual host (https://silkroad-laravel.test at this case)

  2. Execute the next query on SRO_VT_SHARD

ALTER TABLE dbo._Char ADD ItemPoints int NOT NULL DEFAULT 0;
ALTER TABLE dbo._Guild ADD ItemPoints int NOT NULL DEFAULT 0;
  1. You need to create a new Silkroad Database called SRO_WEB_LARAVEL

  2. Modify the procedure on SRO_VT_LOG._AddLogChar adding the following like so:

CREATE   procedure [dbo].[_AddLogChar]
    @CharID     int,
    @EventID        tinyint,
    @Data1      int,
    @Data2      int,
    @strPos     varchar(64),
    @Desc       varchar(128)
EXEC SRO_WEB_LARAVEL.dbo._WebProcess @CharID = @CharID,@EventID = @EventID,@DESC = @Desc,@strPos = @strPos

Important is to add this EXEC SRO_WEB_LARAVEL.dbo._WebProcess @CharID = @CharID,@EventID = @EventID,@DESC = @Desc,@strPos = @strPos right after the as.

Now modify the _AddLogSiegeFortress procedure and add the following at the end:

DECLARE @FWStatus VARCHAR(10) = (CASE WHEN @EventID = 1 THEN 'Running' WHEN @EventID = 2 THEN 'Stopped' ELSE 'Unknown' END)
IF (@EventID IN(1,2))
IF NOT EXISTS(SELECT * FROM SRO_WEB_LARAVEL.dbo._FortressStatus WHERE Status LIKE 'Running' OR Status LIKE 'Stopped')
INSERT INTO SRO_WEB_LARAVEL.dbo._FortressStatus (Status,Date) VALUES (@FWStatus,GETDATE())
UPDATE SRO_WEB_LARAVEL.dbo._FortressStatus SET Status = @FWStatus, Date = GETDATE()
  1. Install php dependencies with composer
composer install
  1. Laravel commands for generating the storage path, unique key and table migrations to databases.
php artisan storage:link && php artisan key:generate && php artisan migrate --seed
  1. If you want to add your existing Silkroad accounts to the web database, execute:
php artisan import:silkroad-accounts
  1. Add manually and backend role, insert on model_has_roles table from MySQL database:
role_id : 3
model_type : App\User
model_id : Your account ID on `users` table


  • Clearing the cache is a good idea for development stuffs.
php artisan cache:clear && php artisan config:cache

Thanks to @JellyBitz