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If you want to overwrite existing Views, you can create a own template.

The good thing about having your own template is that you can still get the latest updates with git pull without having your changes overwritten.

I have created a test template to illustrate this a little.

This is the resources folder with 2 themes.

Resources folder

The test-theme is now overwriting the

  • app.blade.php
  • sidebar.blade.php
  • downloads.blade.php

So every change you do in the test-theme files, there will be overwritten.

To change some path or files example file app.blade.php

<link rel="icon" href="{{ asset('themes/test-theme/favicon/sdl.png') }}">
<link href="{{ asset('themes/test-theme/css/main.css') }}" rel="stylesheet">

This is how the public folder will look like:

Resources folder

You can see the themes/test-theme/css/main.css

Download the here.


After you changed your theme in the .env you need to run these commands.

php artisan config:clear && php artisan view:clear && php artisan cache:clear